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  Audit Compensation Governance & Nominating
Jim Benson   Member of Compensation Committee Committee Chair for Governance & Nominating Committee
Rob L Rosen Member of Audit Committee Member of Compensation Committee  
Eva M. Sage-Gavin   Member of Compensation Committee  
Ashok Shah   Committee Chair for Compensation Committee Member of Governance & Nominating Committee
Ashok Shah Compensation Committee Chairman

Ashok Shah has been a member of Sapient's Board since June 2008. Until March 2008, he served as vice president and managing partner of the global professional business division of Alcatel-Lucent. Prior to joining Alcatel-Lucent in Nov.2003, he held various management positions with Digital Equipment Corp., Compaq Computer Corporation and Hewlett-Packard, including general manager of IT services; subsidiary manager of IT Services; India country manager for the software division; Asia Pacific manager for the systems integration division; and vice president of the professional services division for North America at Compaq.

Currently, Shah is the founder and managing partner of CEPS Consulting, LLC, which provides strategic counsel to IT/telecom services and software firms as well as enterprise clients. He also serves on the engineering leadership board at the University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering, and is a member of the Executive Advisory Council for the College of Business Administration at Rider University in New Jersey.

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Vijay Singal Member of Audit Committee    
Curtis R. Welling Committee Chair for Audit Committee   Member of Governance & Nominating Committee
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